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QuonTar Productions specializes in content generation for all mediums including the production and development of Commercials, Independent Films, Music Videos, Real Estate, Television, Web Series, and Weddings in Digital Media. QuonTar is a home to a talented and diverse group of Directors, Photographers, Producers, and Writers. We provide each with a creative haven to work, then develop a broad spectrum of great productions on which they can direct their energies.  We strive to utilize all available skills and resources within our broad knowledge base of our dynamic and talented team members.  Not only does this enable QuonTar to provide an exceptional product from concept to delivery, it also provides for a motivated and efficient team who fully appreciates and respects each other’s roles within the company. 

The result yields a seamless and professional product on budget, on point, and on time. Now, Action!


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Plethora, LLC

"QuonTar Productions has made the film making process easier, while presenting my company and I with a high quality project that we are extremely proud of."

Arjay Smith
[Manager at Plethora, LLC]
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MarQ on the camera - QounTar

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